Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Fun day celebrating Easter

Friday, July 6, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Playing "Angry Birds"

Max set up his blocks like this and then called me over, all excited to show me the game he had made. He said "Look, I made my own angry birds game! I don't even need a ipod!" He used the wooden blocks with animal pictures on them for the "birds". At first he just used the one with the bird picture on it, but then he started using some of the ones with other animals. He'd pick up a block, look at the animal picture and then say "It's angry alligator, angry bear, angry kangaroo, etc." With each turn he'd give himself points by using the star shaped blocks. It was so funny how serious he was after each turn too. He'd say things like "Only two stars, better try again." or "Yeah! Five stars!" After playing for awhile, he said "This is so much fun! I LOVE this game!" When Hailey came over to see his game she said that she could just play it on mommy's ipod touch (I think she was a little jealous of all the fun he was having), and he very excitedly said "This is even more fun! Cause it's REAL!"

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jack is so relaxed in the pool, he was just laying right back against the side cuddling with Hailey. He doesn't even mind is we lay him right down with his head back in the water. He's very comfortable in the water.                                                                                                                                                  

Watching Barney.

 Jack was really watching Hailey and she clapped and sang along.
 Then he'd start clapping along with her.

When Max woke up from his nap, Hailey picked Jack up and held him in her lap so Max could have the other chair. They sat here like this the rest of the movie.
I didn't sleep good last night, so Bruce got up with the kids and let me sleep in. I woke up at 9:00. Then we got ready to go to a couple stores. First, we went to Menards. Hailey and Max had fun playing with the new "purple sand" (it's kind of like moon sand but doesn't stick together as much and it's for outside). Jack liked being pushed in the baby swing. Next, we went to Meijer to get a small pool for the kids since our other one cracked. They sure were excited to get to go swimming. We came home and ate lunch while daddy filled the pool up. After they were done eating they ran to get their swim suits on. Max and Hailey liked sliding into the pool. Then they filled their buckets with water and shook them as they spun around in a circle saying they were sprinklers. Jack loved the water too. He didn't mind at all getting splashed in the face a couple times by the kids jumping around in the water. He kept crawling all around the pool. Just stopping to splash a little bit and then continued on crawling around some more. Max dumped all the plastic fish in the pool and got the little fishing pole. He would put the pole in the water for a while and then bring it to me saying "Da fish ate my worm. Will you put anudder one worm on?" He acted all sad about the fish eating his worm off his hook and then would act happy again when I pretended to put another worm on for him. He'd smile and say "Thankyou!" The kids dried off in the sun while swinging and then we went in to have our snack before naptime. I layed Jack and Max down at 2:30. Hailey rested in her bedroom playing with dolls for an hour. Then her and I played with the snap beads. We had fun making necklaces, bracelets, and rings. We pretended to have a jewerly store. We lined them all up and then picked the ones we wanted to buy. Jack woke up aorund 4:00. I put Barney on for him and Hailey. He's only watched Barney on TV one other time. Yesterday, he crawled over and started playing with the big stuffed talking Barney. I pushed the button to make him sing and it scared Jack and he started crying. Then everytime he crawled by that way he'd start crying and turn around crawling as fast as he could away from him. I thought if he saw him on TV, he'd start to like it. Hailey loved that Barney when she was a baby (she still does). He's also scared of  theTickle me Elmo, but he still loves his Laugh and Learn puppy. Max woke up around 4:30 and joined Hailey and Jack watching Barney. As soon as Hailey saw Max coming, she picked Jack up out of the chair and said "You can sit here, Max. I'll hold Jack." All three of them sat and watched the rest of Barney. It was cute. When that was done, Max played with his cars, trucks, and tractors. He lined them all up across the living room and said he was making a parade. He slowly pushed one car at a time moving the line of cars to the other end of the room. He announced "The parade's coming! The parade's coming!" Then he asked me "Mommy do you wanna watch the parade? Do you?" Hailey got out the Little People Barn and set it up in the living room. Jack started crawling toward her and she called over to him saying "You can play with me, Jack. Come here. Do you want to play with Hailey?" He crawled all the way over to her and she handed him the tractor and farmer. When she gave it to him she said to me "I know he'll love this." He made sound effects as he pushed it back and forth. He sat and played by her for quite awhile. After we ate dinner, we went back outside. Hailey and Max wanted to swim again so they got their swim suits on. Jack and I sat on the porch swing and watched them. I pushed the kids on the swings while they dried off. Max gave Jack a couple pushes and Jack was laughing. He said "I makin him happy! I can push dis now. I am weally strong!" Max heard a loud car (the dune buggy next door) and said "I here a zoom buggy (dune buggy)". At 7:00, we came in to clean up the toys and get ready for bed. I gave the kids showers, first Hailey and then Max. While I was giving Max a shower, Jack came crawling in the bathroom and pulled himself up to the tub. He was reaching over like he wanted to get in. So I took his clothes off and put him in with Max. He loved it. He kept reaching his hand out to touch the water spraying on him. Max thought it was funny to have Jack in the shower wtih him. He sat down by him in the tub and said "I want to sit like Jack is. Cause I do." Then he laughed and said "We're sittin in da sprayin' water".
Jack and Hailey watcing Barney.